Grounds By Coffey offers a comprehensive variety of services to residential and commercial customers, including regular yard maintenance, lawn installation/renovation, and snow removal during the winter season. There is no project too small, nor any job too large for our staff to handle. Clients can expect our expertise in the following services:

Landscape Maintenance

Weekly and seasonal services to provide and maintain your yard/property’s fresh and healthy appearance throughout the year.

Landscape Renovation

Is your property in need of a one-time facelift? Perhaps you would love to have a new lawn or for someone to remove those overgrown shrubs to give your home a new look. Our renovation services include:

Snow Removal

Our snow removal program includes automatic plowing when snowfall exceeds two inches, effective November 15 through April 1.

  • 24-hour, 7-day service
  • Seasonal plowing contracts
  • Per plow prices available
  • Fully licensed and insured

Grounds By Coffey can satisfy all of your landscaping needs. It is only a matter of you deciding which of our available services you desire. A complimentary estimate is available with a simple call to our office. Your quote will be broken down by our various services offered, allowing you to make an educated decision about which services you desire. The following is a brief description of each service we offer:

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Cutting, trimming, edging, and cleanup from April through November (on a weekly basis) provides a clean, healthy-looking lawn. Patterns of cut are rotated to create a “checkerboard” look whenever possible. Weekly or “as needed” weed control of flower beds can also be added as a standard addition to your maintenance program.


A five step program (with additional treatments, if desired) to fit your budget. We provide a combination of pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, regular feeding, and insect/grub control and winterization treatments designed to target every lawn care issue.

Spring Cleanup

Removal of leaves, branches, tree limbs, and debris.

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Maintaining the shape of your shrubs and plants by trimming and pruning the new seasonal growth. All debris is cleaned up following the trimming.

Core Lawn Aeration & Dethatching

Aeration is accomplished through the use of a machine equipped with cylinder-like tines designed to penetrate and shatter the soil. Cores of thatch, soil and grass are actually pulled out of the ground during the process. The plunging action of the tines “opens up” the soil, allowing grass roots to breathe and permitting better utilization of fertilizer, air, and water. It stimulates root growth, which promotes a deeper, healthier root system. Dethatching is effective in that it actually removes dead grass from the lawn (but may require overseeding afterwards).

Flower Bed Weed Removal & Control

Killing existing weeds with Round-Up and removing them once they have died. Weekly or “as needed” spraying of weeds with Round-Up is one method of control. A second form of control is to spread Preen weed control, which forms a barrier on the soil that stops weeds from germinating. Preen weed control will last from 70-100 days, depending on the amount of precipitation.

Deep Bed Edging

Edging of flower beds to create crisp, well-defined edges that will highlight the shape of your beds and prevent grass from encroaching into them.


Turning and breaking up the soil in your gardens or flower beds to prepare for planting flowers and/or a variety of garden plants.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

Removal of leaves from lawn and bed areas.

Gutter Cleaning

Removal of debris and leaves along gutters and downspout entrances.

Lawn Installation

Process in which the existing lawn is killed and removed once it has died. The entire area is pulverized and leveled, and a fresh coat of topsoil is spread, followed by the planting of a high-quality grass seed or the laying of sod.

Lawn Renovation / Slit Seeding

A simple process of transforming an unattractive lawn into one that looks new again. Through slit seeding, we can replace the worn out grass in your lawn with a new stand of dense, healthy grass. We use a piece of equipment specifically designed for renovating lawns to slice the soil and establish a seedbed. By seeding with improved grass varieties into what is already there, your property is enhanced without the inconvenience and expense of creating a whole new lawn.

Lawn Damage Repair

Refurbishing areas of your lawn that may have been damaged due to lawn disease, fungi, pets, car tires, new concrete, or snow plows.

Stump Grinding

Removal of tree and shrub stumps by grinding them into shredded wood chips.

Flower Bed Mulching

Weeds and debris are removed, followed by cutting a deep bed edge along the edges. Preen weed control is then applied to the soil surface to prevent germination. This is followed by the even spreading of mulch at a depth of two inches. Colored mulches are available in dyed brown, black, and red.

New Bed Installation

Design and implementation of new beds that complement your existing beds and your home overall.

Shrub & Tree Installation

Working with you to decide which shrubs or trees would be best suited for the area to create a new look for your home. We offer a wide variety for you to choose from, varying in size, growth rate, light and water needs, color, and bloom times.

Perennial & Annual Planting

Planting a wide variety of perennial plants, ornamental grasses, and annual flowers, depending on size, color, and bloom time.

Complete Yard Cleanup

Restoration of overgrown, neglected properties.