Q: Do you provide free estimates?

A: After a phone conversation with a potential customer has determined that a visit to the home is warranted, we will provide them with a free estimate for the services they’ve requested.

Q: Do you offer senior discounts?

A: Senior discounts are given to customers 65 years of age and older.

Q: How often is the lawn maintenance performed?

A: Normally we cut all our customers once a week on the same designated day (unless it rains, which would push your scheduled cutting forward to the following day).

Q: How many fertilization applications are applied throughout the season?

A: The fertilization program consists of five treatments (with an option weed control or regular fertilizer if requested). These treatments include crabgrass prevention in the early spring, weed control in mid to late spring, insect and grub control in early summer, basic fertilizer application in late summer and a winterization in the fall.

Q: When and how often do you snow plow?

A: When snowfall occurs that is two inches or morewe try to determine the best time to start plowing. Our objective is to accommodate each customer, while taking into consideration when the snowfall is likely to come to an end. We try to avoid plowing your driveway while it is still snowing, which could leave your driveway with additional accumulation after the plowing has been completed. However, when a heavy snow storm with drifting occurs, it is sometimes necessary to plow your driveway while it is still snowing. This is necessary in order to give you continued access to your driveway and allows us to keep pace with the snow storm. When a heavy snowfall accumulation occurs, more than one plowing is often required to keep you from getting stuck in your driveway or damaging anything on your property.